Tell My People


Advanced Leadership Training

“Leaders who have the call of God in their heart and the courage to press beyond their present position of ministry will find a tremendous personal experience with God in TMP Advanced Leadership Training program. They will leave with greater faith to continue pressing towards the high call of God in Christ Jesus”

– Helen Lynch, Founder & President of Tell My People



This powerful, intensive life-transforming experience for men and women, free from outside distractions, focuses on interaction with God and His biblical truths. It empowers leaders with new strategies and spiritual insights that will bring about change so urgently needed in the world today. Join hundreds of alumni around the world who have experienced TMP Advanced Leadership Training and are successfully transforming their ministries, communities and nations.

Curriculum Plan

  • Our course of study is based on important biblical foundations designed to lead the student into becoming an active participant in reaching people to produce change and the multiplication of the Body of Christ. This is achieved through clear powerful teachings that give a greater understanding of biblical exegeses and the foundations that have transformed and built up believers in their covenant with God through the victory of His Son and our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Spiritual Development. Teachings emphasize the strength of transformation of the nature and character of the believer brought about by the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit. Both personal prayer life and family life are strengthened with insightful teachings.
  • Leadership Dynamics. Topics such as leadership development, and innovative insights into the work of leaders in the family, church and community are covered in depth.
  • Living and interacting with leaders from different nations provide an exceptional learning experience. Community teamwork in service, study time, class assignments, and individual and group activities develop a sense of unity and commonality among the diverse members.

Admission Requirements

An evaluation is performed to identify the applicants that will most benefit from this learning experience. In order to maintain a selection of international participants, the applicants will be pre-selected according to their Christian activities, profession, age and regional distribution.

  •  U.S. minimum age is 18 to 40
  •  Foreign minimum age is 21 to 40
  •  For Spanish language programs, the applicant must be proficient in Spanish. If it is the applicants’ second language you must have intermediate or advanced level to qualify.
  •  For English language programs, the applicants must be proficient in English or at an intermediate or advanced level to qualify.
  •  The applicant’s commitment to Christ Jesus.
  •  A Christian leader in any scriptural capacity; church leadership, community, or national leadership business or professional field as a Christian leader.


Since inception, the Advanced Leadership Training faculty has been comprised of active ministers/teachers who are recognized in their areas of expertise and for their experience and educational background. Coming from different parts of the United States and from Central and South America, they recognize the international relevant needs of leaders from around the world.


At the successful conclusion of participation in the Advanced Leadership Training, the graduates will receive an official Certificate of Completion. More importantly, they will have gained essential biblical information and tools to be fruitful leaders in God’s plan for their organization, church, community and nation.