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Alumni Making a Difference

The Apostle Paul never lost sight of the fact that he was born to fulfill his destiny by serving Christ …today others have also committed to fulfill their destiny in the same manner.

MexicoAcapulco Mexico
Juan Ocampo, MIL 2001 and Martha Romero de Ocampo WIL 2001

“My wife and I are very grateful for having had the honor and opportunity to be trained and ordained as ministers of the gospel by the ministry of TMP, this being our great counselor through its founder, our beloved sister, Helen Lynch”

Juan and Martha have supported each other as they worked in the ministry during their married years and collaborate in serving communities at large. They have 10 churches under their spiritual covering and have expanded their ministry work by joining with another pastor in opening a Biblical Institute of the University of Chiapas with a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate in Theology. They will soon open another campus in Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca.

They are reaching many people with their Radio and TV programs, and in 2018 in cooperation with Samaritan’s Purse, Juan became the supervisor of donations distributed to churches in a region of the State of Guerrero.

Republica DominicanaSanta Domingo, Dominican Republic
Marinelis Moquete Silva, The Market Place – Biblical Empowerment of 2015

“TMP deposited that seed of Jesus love in my heart, in a special way they impacted my life. I will always be incredibly grateful to them for showing me the Gospel of God’s grace.”

Marinelis and her husband, Geovanny, are entrepreneurs in the vehicle sales business and have dedicated their business to helping hundreds of families with a food bank and helping prisoners. Presently God has used the pandemic to open doors for her on radio and television.

She has taught the word of God through Conferences, Evangelistic Campaigns, as a speaker in the Virgin Islands, New York, New Jersey, and retreats in Florida. Marinelis is active in a large Council of churches, supervising two churches, and the women pastors in ten churches.

PerúLima Peru
Samuel Santamaria MIL 2006 and wife Genara Gámez WIL 2005

“TMP is in our hearts! We love and pray for everyone and especially for Helen, we love you and thank you very much for your prayers.”

Their ministry is called God’s Love in Us, and their motto is “More than a Church, we are a Family!”

In 2017 they were led by God to leave as pastors of a large Lima church and move to the city of Tingo Maria, which is in the jungle region of Peru. Starting only with God’s assignment, they began evangelizing in the streets, restoring marriages, bringing back those who strayed from the Lord. Currently they are discipling an average of 120 people. In these three years they have restored 10 pastors in their service to the Lord and have planted other churches in Callao-Lima and Argentina. With their four children, God has led them as a family to serve the Lord. Jesus Christ is their Lord!

MexicoMexico City
Jorge Iniestra MIL 1997

“Thank you for what you planted in my life when I had the privilege of studying at TMP… It was something that marked my life. I am eternally grateful to you!!!!”

A graduate and TMP ordained minister, has been pastoring 12 years in Mexico City, developed two other churches in Mexico, plus God opened doors to disciple pastors in the powerful truths of freedom in Christ, in the northern Puebla Mexico mountains. Jorge ministers the fresh word of God to free people of old religious beliefs. The Lord has taken him many places in his country with this strong life-giving message. 2020 brought many changes worldwide and using social networks he continues his work in the local church and the global church with the word of the Lord that builds His people!

MexicoMongomo, Equatorial Guinea, Africa
David Mbende MIL 2007 and Carmen Onvogo TMP Ordained Ministers, Pastors, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

“I thank God for the TMP Ministry that Transformed my life and gave direction to my ministries!”

David and Carmen are currently pastoring in the City of Mongomo, Equatorial Guinea, where by God’s grace they have trained more than 40 leaders, who are now pastors, evangelists, teachers. GOD has given them the grace to plant new Churches, one of them is pastored by Carmen.

During a time with the Lord, he was given a prophetic word about the coming situations in 2020, and this made him remember Helen’s prophecy about his life and his ministries. This prophecy is being confirmed more every day. David is currently working with many organizations in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Central America. God is using David and Carmen for the formation of effective leaders, the planting new Churches and in the strengthening of the brethren. Still active as entrepreneurs and professionals